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Outdoor Landscape Lights



Nothing refreshes the look of your home like new outdoor lighting. At Lamps Clinic, we carry a complete line of exterior lighting for porches, patios and landscape areas that can help you make your home both safer and more attractive. Brighten an entry area with a hanging design, add style to pathways and garden settings, or use post lights to add style to driveways and garage areas. 

Lamps Clinic has been serving the antique and lighting trades since 1993. We specializes in lamp parts for lamp repair and the restoration of antique lamps and lighting which includes kerosene era lighting, Victorian lamps, student lamps, early Gone-With-The-Wind lamps, and crystal chandeliers. We also specialize in fine replacement lamp shades, lamp globes, and lamp glass including lamp crystals, crystal prisms, Electrical parts, chandelier parts, chandelier crystals, chandelier canopy, glass lamp chimneys, and glass lamp shades for all antique lighting styles including arts and crafts lighting.

We also offer an amazing selection of beautiful fabric & silk lamp shades and chandelier shades to compliment Victorian lighting, Early Electric lighting, and Art Deco lighting styles. Be sure to check out our great assortment of lamp parts, lamp cord, lamp sockets, and candle covers.


The exteriors of any building play an important role as it creates the first impression in the mind of viewer. It’s a human nature that people mostly get attracted to the eternal appearances or beauty. If external beauty matters so much then one should never overlook the exteriors of a building, in fact they should be made more attractive and spectacular by using proper Outdoor Lighting which not only enhances the beauty but also provides proper illumination.

Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

The Led Outdoor Lighting includes garden lamps, entrance lamps, terrace lamps and any other open area which needs proper lighting as it enhances the beauty and also illuminates the area nicely. Lights fixed at the entrance plays an important role. It lightens up the gates and entrance area which helps recognising the visitors properly and many times prevents accident which may occur due to darkness. There are many designer and antique lamp shades available in the market which are energy efficient, gives proper light and looks classy as well.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting

The garden lights are also very important as when they are lit in the evening they give a very soothing effect and further beautify the lawn which is filled with colourful flowers and ornamental plants. When light falls on them plants and the whole area looks more beautiful and gives a heavenly feeling. Illuminating the terrace is as much important as the other open parts of the house. Terrace of a house is not regularly used by its inmates; it can be a private and soothing corner for many. From the terrace the view of the surrounding is exotic and mesmerising. And mild lights on the terrace can further lighten up one’s mood. While doing Outdoor Lighting Fixtures the lamps selected should be shock proof, energy efficient and properly maintained.