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Wall Sconce Fixtures

In our day to day activities most of the time is spent either at work place or at home, while most of work places and modern homes are designed by well qualified architects and engineers, but still when one compare ambience of these two places with ambience of a hotel or an old royal palace, one of the major difference in the ambience has been created by lighting and more particularly heavy use of Wall Sconce Fixtures. These fixtures not only provide light but they are a piece of art themselves too, and thus create a lasting impression.

Home Theater Wall Sconce

These Contemporary Wall Sconce Fixtures come in several styles from contemporary modern to traditional, many metals like copper, aluminum, chrome, steel, etc., are used, while some of them are made of selected woods. Sometime, meats are given special treatment like electroplating or oxidization to lend it a particular antique finish. So, there is sea of choices, one has to analyze a lot of options before arriving at best suited for their requirement. While, light efficiency and looks matter the most, ease of cleaning and replacement of lamp or bulb are also matter which deserve a consideration.

Vintage Wall Sconce Fixtures

As true with other light fixtures there are many lamps which find use in Modern Wall Sconce Fixtures, however most common are incandescent, krypton, halogen, xenon and compact fluorescent lamp. LED lamp is also being used now due to less consumption of electricity by them. Shape of these fixtures will depend in which area they will get used, different areas of house have different needs, for example lights ideal for bedroom will be which provide a soft and cozy glow to the room and are of non-intrusive nature.