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Glass Shades and Glass Light Parts

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Lamps Clinic has been serving the antique and lighting trades since 1993. We specializes in lamp parts for lamp repair and the restoration of antique lamps and lighting which includes kerosene era lighting, Victorian lamps, student lamps, early Gone-With-The-Wind lamps, and crystal chandeliers. We also specialize in fine replacement glass lamp shades, lamp globes, and lamp glass including lamp crystals, crystal prisms, Electrical parts, chandelier parts, chandelier crystals, chandelier canopy, glass lamp chimneys, and glass lamp shades for all antique lighting styles including arts and crafts lighting.

We also offer an amazing selection of beautiful fabric & silk lamp shades and chandelier shades to compliment Victorian lighting, Early Electric lighting, and Art Deco lighting styles. Be sure to check out our great assortment of lamp parts, pull chain switch, in line switch, lamp switch, lamp cord, lamp sockets, candle covers and line switches.

Looking to rewire a table lamp? Lamps Clinic offers a wide verity of lighting parts including lamp wire, lamp cords, Lamp Socket, Light bulb socket, lamp holders. Our staff is always here for you if you have any questions on lamp wiring or how wiring a lamp should be done so feel free to call or email us.


Numerous lamp shades designed of glass not only provide lighting but also serve the purpose of anchor piece, which connotes a main adorning object, surrounded by various décor items. The glass aids the lampshade in reflecting light to create a soothing ambience. The prevalent glass lamp shades comprise Tiffany, Bankers and cased glass, along with globe, chimney or Lily. Lamp shades of the beaded type are highly decorated with beads on its surface. The beads get stuck on the surface by means of gumming cement and when constituted of glass adds extra shimmer to the passing light. Lamp shades are available with beads while the torchiere shade sometimes feature beads.


Lamp Shade Styles

The most popular kind of vintage lampshade incorporating stained glass is represented by the possess designs in art deco. It utilizes colored glass along with lead and copper which includes window style of stained glass. The torchiere lamps are commonly floor lamps in glass and the shade styles comprise dish, Stiffel plus reflector waffle, and neck. Cased glass consists of two tiers of dissimilar colored glass which are fused together at very high temperatures, and commonly utilized within Victorian lamps. The styles include melon and Tam-O-Shanter or embossed. Bankers lampshade is frequently green emitting a small ray of light.

Modern Lighting

The different types of lampshades include ten inch student shades, with different colors, sizes and designs. Overall we work hard to make the best of all lamp shades that we have. As a team we work hard to make the shopping experience of our clients wonderful and without any trouble. We work hard in making the best of your shopping experiences as well as making it a less stressful one.

Vintage Lighting Products

Crystal chandeliers are also beautiful to have in your home because they are elegant, make your home more beautiful and modern. Chandeliers have been in style for many years and using it to enhance the beauty of your home is a great idea. Overall chandeliers are one of the most fast selling type of lighting. Check out our website for further styles and techniques on how to build the perfect lighting in your home.


Lamp shades add beauty to the room. Matching shades create miracles when added to lamp stands. Sometimes with passage of time their color fades out and they need replacement. Best lamp shade parts are provided by the store keeping in view the elegant, modern, primitive, colorful and custom sizes desired by the customers. Just measure the shed size by measuring top and bottom diameter, slant and vertical height. Compare these measurements with a number of choices displayed on our store’s website. Find the correct replacement and put up it in a shopping cart. Apart from shades different types of fittings require to mount the shade also available in store.

Lamp Replacement Parts

Spider with harp, uno and clip-on are the three major types of fittings used in lamps. Spider with harp is widely used in table and floor types of lamps and is provided with shade in free. Uno type of fitting is used on small lamps and is directly attached to shade which is socketed to lamp itself. Clip-on is provided in chandeliers and small accent lamps. The shade is directly clipped to bulbs. The Store website displays common shades available in different sizes with price tag. They are chandeliers glass, custom made, empire, Uno and sconce shades in drum, hardback, square, oval, hexagon, drum, coolie and bell type styles.

Online Lighting Store

They are in different colorful fabrics with lucrative single or attractive multi colors. Important accessories for lamps like lamp sockets, socket converters, Chandelier chains, crystal parts, chandelier canopy, harps and finials are also listed on the website with specifications and prices. Popular brands like Empire, Provano, Tempest Lighting, Krush Lighting, Cyan Designs, Madrid Lighting, Palisades and Crest View Collection etc with the latest arrivals in market are listed on our store website. Watch the latest arrivals in lamp shade parts on our store’s website and place an order.

Decorative Lighting Products

Decorative bulbs are also beautiful because they help in enhancing the beauty of your home. Often times tools just as simple as lighting can enhance the beauty of your home. It is not always necessary to use other kinds of home decorations to try and fill your home with beautiful objects. Just one beautiful piece of lighting will do it. We are always looking forward to help clients and make the best of their shopping experience.