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School House Glass Shades


School house glass shades are available in varied sizes, shapes and quality in a number of stores as well as with online shops and stores. Online purchasing can directly provide the product from the manufacturers, thus cutting the cost of middlemen. These styled glass shades add beauty to the décor in very nominal costs. These solid opal glass products are perfect in manufacturing as they do not have plastic, layers in glass, injurious corner cuts and spray paint. The authentic and genuine pieces of great designs and sizes are like antique fixtures. These are hand painted and hand crafted to give personal touch and affection to esteemed customers.


Online Lighting Store


The price of each piece is displayed on our websites but usually lies in the range of $50 with variations for size, shape and design. Understated stripe patterns with sparkling metallic, sophisticated and pretty neutrals, bright eye pleasing colors and unadorned opal glass is liked by customers for their choice of in house glass shades. Filter type glass shades are also a choice for customers. The shades are durable, perfect in design, easy to install and with original designs. A number of color choices in opal shape with copper, silver, eggshell, black, blue plate, coffee and red pepper stripe. We have a variety of specialty glass that our clients can choose from.


Different Glass Shade Styles


These give options to customers in different diameter sizes like two to eighteen inches or more but most prefer about eight to ten inch diameters. The height of the shade selected should match with room size giving perfection. Feel the royal touch in lifestyle with decorative student glass shades of preferred size and design. Go to the gallery of websites, compare the prices and quality of desired sizes and select the best one to purchase. However, four inch diameter shades are also available in market. With convenient accessories like a chain to hang them from ceiling, they are the best decors.


Lighting fixtures and Products


Glass globes are another beautiful object that we carry. They are very traditional and every home should have one. The prices and customer skills that is offered by us to clients is simply one of a kind. Give us a call at anytime and we are able to help in any kind of lighting situation. Our experts are always excited to assist and make the best of all your lighting needs.


Necked fitter lamp glass is the most popular style used for suspended glass shades the necked fitter lamp glass has a molded curved lip which is held by the thumb screws in the glass holder/fitter. By loosening the screws on the holder the glass shade is easily removable and interchangeable. This standard of holding the lamp shade allows for the largest variety of choices of glass lamp shades.  In order to determine the fitter size of your glass measure the diameter (across the center) of the top of the neck. If you do not have a shade but you have the fixture you could measure your lamp holder/fitter in the same fashion but you will find that the  For more School House Glass Shades Click Here