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Custom Made Lamp Shades

Custom Made Lampshades

If you are looking for a unique lampshade that you do not see on our web site, or simply want your existing lampshade recovered or relined, please call us. We offer custom lampshades of any size, shape, fabric, lining or trim. Each shade is handmade to your exact specifications. We also offer recovering and simple relining of your existing lampshade.

For Further Assistance, Please Call (626)796-1128

 For any living space the most dynamic and influential aspect is the light. With the help of custom made lamp shades one can manipulate and mold the lights for illuminating the space in the way that they feel is just right. While customizing a lampshade one can add desired shape, color, direction, style and effect according to their taste. One can choose glass, wood or fabric custom made lamp shade. One can make Custom Made Lamp shades for reflecting their unique identity and insist that guiding lights are steered by custom made handcrafted lamp shades.

With the proper lighting all the space in your house can be turned into efficient and have an environment of well being. Cheap Custom Made Lamp shades are dedicated for creating customized lamp shades that put together function and form into the single concept that reflect the owner’s style and personality. While making Custom made lamp shades material of highest quality is used. While redecorating the house or remodeling, it is a nice idea to opt for customized lamp shades that tell about your taste.