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How To Size Lamp Shade



How To Measure A Shade

Measure Lampshades


 Measure Top Diameter


 Measure Bottom Diameter


 Measure Vertical Slant


 Measure Vertical Height


1. Spider With Harp

This is the most common type of fitting for table and floor lamp shades. The correct size harp is included FREE with this shade.

2. Uno

 Usually found on smaller table lamps. No harp is needed as the wire fitting is permanently attached to the shade. The shade attaches directly to the lamp socket.

3. Clip-On

 Found on smaller accent lamps and chandeliers. The shade clips directly onto the light bulb with no additional hardware.

Sizing Lamp Shades is not a much difficult as it use to be seen, rather if someone follows some basic steps and rule, he may be able to find what exactly is needed and fit to be used. Just follow below mentioned some steps for determining and sizing of regular and basic lamp shades. We carry a variety of styles such as slant side altitude, breadth of bottom, length across topmost and much more.


Lamp Shade Dimensions

Lamp Shade Sizing Replacement also depends upon, what we want to choose as basically according to the size of lamp, there are various shapes and styles are available. It also depend that whether the neck of lamp shades is round or square of an oval shaped. Diameter of glass lamp shades at the bottom is advised to be more than the altitude of whole lamp body. Generally the bottom breadth is referred as lampshade size and vertical altitude must be 1 inch less than slant side altitude. Considering shade, it must be 40% of the total altitude of lamp.

Custom Lamp Shade Sizes

Customers must keep in mind that although their desired size of lamp shade is not available, in that case they must only see the total altitude of lamp. Three more important things of are, to see the correct measurement of clip, uno. Clip is just a fitter on which desired lamp is fitted. Uno is a ring having some inner threads, is basically used in antique lamps. Thus in this way anyone may be easily able to figure out and will get to know what is needed. Cheap Lamp Shade Resizing is not difficult all it takes is to find the right size and style for your home.

Custom Lamp Shade Resizing

Selecting a Custom Lamp Shades is not an easy task because there is a lot of work that goes into it. For instance, picking a table lamp for your dinner table has to do with the size of the table itself. Finding the exact size and what kind of lamp shades look best is easy by calling us or looking at our online store.