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Lighting Parts and Accessories


Lamps Clinic has been serving the antique and lighting trades since 1993. We specializes in lamp parts for lamp repair and the restoration of antique lamps and lighting which includes kerosene era lighting, Victorian lamps, student lamps, early Gone-With-The-Wind lamps, and crystal chandeliers. We also specialize in fine replacement lamp shades, lamp globes, and lamp glass including lamp crystals, crystal prisms, Electrical parts, chandelier parts, chandelier crystals, chandelier canopy, glass lamp chimneys, and glass lamp shades for all antique lighting styles including arts and crafts lighting.

We also offer an amazing selection of beautiful fabric & silk lamp shades and chandelier shades to compliment Victorian lighting, Early Electric lighting, and Art Deco lighting styles. Be sure to check out our great assortment of lamp parts, pull chain switch, in line switch, lamp switch, lamp cord, lamp sockets, candle covers, outdoor lighting transformer, Chandelier chains, and line switches.

Looking to Re wire a Table Lamp? Lamps Clinic offers a wide verity of lighting parts including lamp wire, lamp cords, Lamp Socket, Light bulb socket, lamp holders. Our staff is always here for you if you have any questions on lamp wiring or how wiring a lamp should be done so feel free to call or email us.

In a day to day life people can be required to buy or change any kind of house hold items or other accessories. Any sort of repairing or replacement needs of a house is also nominal and at affordable costs. Sometimes the need of lighting fixture parts arises in any house at the time of breakage of that particular product or in case of the replacement of lights. Some of the leading stores provide online services for the entire range of lamp parts, lighting fixtures, glass lamps etc. to the convenience of people so that they can easily order light parts at their home.  

Online Lighting Store

They also offer different ranges and designs that can be fitted onto everyone’s taste/choice. Our focus is concentrated on proficient client services. The main objective of the company is to provide the best products for clients that meet their budget and choice. They not only offer the top solutions in lighting fixtures but also provide the fine quality enhancing Pendant lighting, outdoor lighting, designer lighting and many more available with them.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Store

We provide services along with the warranty period and assure customers the lowest costs and excellent results. The trained and knowledgeable technicians provide their services with a free of cost consultation. These technicians provide the energy efficient services which saves the extra money in their client’s pocket. Overall we love to find clients in finding the right tool for their home, business or possibly anywhere that may be needed. Throughout the years we have been known as the best lighting store in the area.

Modern Lighting Store

We carry a selection of lighting parts and accessories at our store. Throughout your online shopping time with us you will realize that it may be difficult to choose an item that fits your home nicely. At these times, feel free to call us so that we can be able to help you in choosing the right one as well as having it fit into your budget normally.

The right embellishing lighting apparatuses for your house can adequately spruce it like a champ to suit your circumspection. Picking the right lighting apparatuses ends up being all more vital since both the indoor and open air light fixtures at last alter the state of mind broke down in the mood. A properly enlightened room utilizes common light further bolstering its ideal good fortune. Discussing common lighting, suggests everything from the chimney, flame light to daylight. Utilizing characteristic lighting optimally, however obviously, is an unquestionable requirement that you may wind up under used free nature benevolent wellspring of light and warmth.

Light Accessories and Repair Store

Ceiling fixtures are the sort of light fixtures for the home that one purchases to include style, class, and sparkle to the adornment. Suitable for zones incorporating lounge rooms, sleeping rooms and lobbies, present day accumulation of ceiling fixtures comes in all sizes and materials. Roof lighting apparatuses are universally useful lighting apparatuses prominently utilized crosswise over sleeping rooms, passages, halls, undertaking regions and stairways. The aforementioned lighting installations incorporate recessed lighting installations, which are instated inside the roof and substantially instated for unpretentious lighting of vast zones. The aforementioned lighting apparatuses are ordinarily instituted at a separation of around the range of eight to ten feet from one another to attain ideal light in any territory.

Decorative Ceiling Lights

Wall mounted lighting installations for the home incorporate everything from sconces, pendants and different styles. The aforementioned lighting apparatuses are customarily utilized for the purpose of general lighting. In any case, the up to date extend of wall mounted installations permit them to be utilized adequately for stress lighting, assignment lighting and also open air lighting apparatuses. Pendant lights, these days, are ready in an entire show of sleeker outlines that might be put to flexible employments. Regularly, the aforementioned lighting apparatuses are suspended over amusement tables, feasting room table, kitchen tables and ledge.

Chandelier Styles

Drum shade chandelier, fan glass, lighting accessories and decorative bulbs are just a few of the products that we carry in our store. Lamp Clinic carries endless amounts of lighting products, styles, designs and much more. Lighting supplies and accessories as well as repairing is available with us at anytime. Throughout the years clients have always gotten our opinion on different types of lighting supplies that would fir their home style perfectly!